Nano Dies and Tools


The Nano Crystalline Diamond Composites Dies(NDCD) is a kind high-tech,deposited  nano crystalline Diamond composites coating on the surface of

Tungsten Carbide (WC-Co) drawing dies.The content of Co is 6% or 8%.



Nano Compacting/Bunching/Stranding dies for cable industry

Nano Wire drawing dies for all kinds of wire material

Nano Wire draing dies for all kinds of tube material

Nano Wire drawing dies for all kinds of bar material

Nano welding dies for cable industry



The Nano dies concentrate advantages of PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond), ND (Natural Diamond) and Tungsten Carbide Dies

Low friction coefficient and high heat-conducting property

Long using life,the production capacity is more than 300-700 km

The life is more than 10 times than TC dies

High surface quanlity cable

Save more much cost of copper or alluminium,appro 2%

High consistency of cable diameter

Save other cost,such as,human cost,electricity nsulating Material,production time,less breakage,customer complaint and so on.

Improve the insulating ability of cable.

Outstanding improve the quality of cable.

Weld tube dies for coaxial-cable and signal cable



Nano diamond compacting dies


Nano diamond drawing dies


Nano diamond drawing tube dies

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