Custom Shaped Dies

Shaped dies are used in both drawing and extrusion machines.
Since 1982,Transmo started to custom design a seried of dies to make the required shape and tolerance from original shape gradually.

Blanks or Nib Material
Tool steels,tungsten carbide(TC) and polycrystalline diamond(PCD)

Case Material

Steel 45 with tempering or stainless steel

Typical wire shapes
Half round
Trolley wire
Spiral wire

For nonferrous metals wire, such as copper and aluminum, is best drawn with polycrystalline diamond dies (PCD) ,Not only maintain high wear resistance, but also get a good wire surface quality.

For steel wire, tungsten carbide dies is better,if need variety production,low cost,sample wire making or other applications.

Typical Markets
Aluminum wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire,steel wire, spiral wire and Trolley wire

Spiral steel wire dies
Transmo Dies can design and manufacture TC spiral dies for drawing spiral steel wire.

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