CVD synthetic diamond wire dies

CVD diamond is Chemical Vapor Deposition synthetic single crystal diamond material.
CVD diamond is manufactured by means of a diamond synthesis technology in which a low pressure reactor is used to combine a thermal or plasma activating agent with a gas-phase carbon to produce a chemical reaction which results in polycrystalline


Vickers hardness 7000-10000 kg/mm2
Thermal Stability: ~1200˚C.
Young¡¯s modulus:1000-1100Gpa
Thermal conductivity: >8W/cm£®K
Chemical stability: insoluble in alkali and acid
Friction coefficient(contrary to the steel):<0.1

Hole size range

Semifinished:From 0.010mm to 0.800mm
Finished:From 0.020mm to 1.200mm


Wear resistance and temperature resistance are similar as ND,SMCD,better than PCD material.

Lower price that nature diamond dies.

No directional wear,because it's isotripic.


hard metal fine wire,tungsten wire, molybdenum & stainless steel wire,alloy wire,copper wire and other fine wire.

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