Extrusion Tips

Transmo design and manufacture Extrusion Tips for Inline
Heads,Adjustable Center Cross Heads and Fixed Center
Cross Heads in

1) Pressure Extrusion
2) Semi-Pressure Extrusion
3) Sleeve Extrusion

The Extrusion Tips produced by us are guaranteed a concentricity with 0.002mm(.0005¡±) to fixed center cross heads.The inner core of the tip is made smooth to avoid any kind of wire breaks The flow areas of tips are highly polished to ensure following advantage

1) Better polishing of cable
2) Material saving
3) Cost saving
4) Smooth flow of plastic without burning.

1) Nature diamond insert
2) Polycrystalline diamond insert
3) Tungsten carbide insert
4) Tungsten carbide whole
5) Harden steel

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